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Dear Reader, 

Take a look at the number at the bottom of this 5,000-row sales report.
That’s how much revenue I generated in a single year…
Thanks to a powerful “secret language” that speaks directly to the decision-making center of a customer’s brain.
Sales and marketing powerhouse,, has written that “every decision” is made in this part of the brain.
As you’re about to see…

Once you unlock this secret language, a world of unlimited potential could open to you.

You could easily line up hordes of new customers…

Multiply your current sales numbers in as little as 24-hours…

And become an unstoppable sales machine in no time flat.
They don’t teach you this secret language in school or in any sales training I’ve seen.
The only place you can unlock this secret language and explode your bottom line…
Is inside my groundbreaking book: Take Their Money.
This is a brand new, $7.1 million methodology that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
From this day forward, forget selling on price…

Selling on track record…

Or exhausting yourself by piling value on top of value.

Because as you’re about to see, that’s NOT what makes customers buy your stuff…

This secret language does!

Not only will I reveal the secret language inside Take Their Money

I’ll also unload dozens of simple, profitable, science-based sales secrets used by the best marketers in the world.
Secrets like...
  •  DESTROY the price objection once and for all… Make your “top-shelf” products appear more affordable than a simple cup of coffee!
One of the quickest ways to explode the bottom line of your business…
Sell more of your “top-shelf” products.

The hard part is: very few people like to pay top-shelf price.

You can try talking about the value of your product until your face turns blue…

But it rarely makes customers budge once they’ve made up their mind. 
Use this simple psychology trick in your offer, and you could see a complete change of heart in just moments! 
Do it right, and customers will think your $2,000, $4,000, or even $20,000 offer is a total STEAL.

Imagine if you could charge MORE for the same products that you could barely sell before!

Legendary marketers Todd Brown, Dan Kennedy, Michael Masterson, and Jay Abraham use this trick to sell their own top-shelf products like clockwork!

I explain this miracle trick on page 130, with a REAL example of the trick in action. 
  •  Remember to mention this ONE “magic” number in your offer… And you could make an extra $6 million a year!
Many marketers never even think to mention this powerful, emotionally-charged number…
But ignore this “magic” number in your pitch, and you could be leaving MILLIONS on the table.

I’ve seen pro marketers add this “magic” number into their offer…

And their conversions SOARED by an incredible 332%! 
That’s like going from 100 sales per day to 432 a day! 
Stretch that out and that would mean an extra 121,180 sales in a year.
If your product is only $50…

Those new sales add up to an extra $6,059,000 per year!

Discover this “magic” number and why it works so well on page 132 of Take Their Money.
These are just two money-making secrets you can use to make more sales TODAY.
And what makes them so incredibly powerful is they work WITH human psychology…

To make customers really desire your stuff.

So instead of feeling like a “pushy” salesman who is “battling for the sale…”

Simply speak this secret sales language and trigger the decision-making part of your customer’s brain.

And “swim WITH the tide.”

Because Take Their Money is not like any “book” you’ve ever read before…
It’s more like…
A Manual For How To Speak DIRECTLY to The Decision-Making Part of Your Customer’s Brain… Their “Emotional Brain.”
Once you unlock how to speak to your customer’s emotional brain, a world of unlimited potential will open up to you… 
Neuroscientist Makes Shocking
Discovery About Why Your Customers 
REALLY Buy Things…
When I first discovered this secret language, I had to find out if there was any scientific basis behind it.
That’s when I found out about neuroscientist, Antonio Damasio…

And the shocking discovery he made with his patient, “Elliot.”

Elliot was once a successful business man before his brain’s emotional center was damaged by a brain tumor.
After his “emotional brain” was damaged, Elliot was still a “rational” person.

He did well on IQ tests…

His memory worked fine…

His perception, handiness, and math skills still worked well… 
But something strange had happened that was ruining his life.

Even though his “logical brain” was still fully functional...
Elliot could no longer make simple decisions!
After his “emotional brain” was damaged, it took him HOURS just to decide how to organize the files on his desk at work.

He soon lost his job, and even his marriage.

Award-winning neuroscientist Antonio Damasio had discovered: 
When Emotion Was Impaired,
So Was Decision-Making!
So you see…

Selling your stuff with “facts” and “logic” will result in you spinning your wheels, bashing your head against the wall. 

Selling with logic is “swimming against the tide.” 

Because science has proven the brain does not make decisions based on “rational information…” 

It makes decisions based on emotional cues! 
Emotional cues that you can directly influence with this secret sales language.
If you truly want to get more customers, more sales, and more money…

You must speak directly to the decision-making part of your customer’s brain.

Their emotional brain.

That’s “swimming with the tide.”

Which you can only discover how to do in my new book: Take Their Money.

Simply grab your copy of Take Their Money and soon you could take advantage of powerful emotional sales triggers like…
  •  3 Ways to make your offer stand out in any market… No matter HOW crowded your market is… or how “dull” and unoriginal you THINK your business might be!
You can bet that your customers have bought something like your product before…
And they got BURNED.

Bad products exist, and they make your customers jaded and highly skeptical.

That’s why you absolutely must stand out and offer something UNIQUE to your audience.

Otherwise you’ll quickly be dismissed as “same ol, same ol.”

I’ve dedicated an entire section in Take Their Money to helping you solve this exact problem, starting on page 113.
You’ll discover 3 special methods to make YOUR offer stand out…
Whether you’re trying to get noticed in the busy space of online marketing…
Or you’re a personal trainer in a gym full of other trainers…

Or a realtor in a town full of other realtors…

You can use these 3 methods to stand out right away! (Just see page 113)
  •  Get YOUR way by giving customers their way…
Everybody wants freedom to make their own choices, including your customers.
So the best marketers in the world know how to offer their customers a very specific choice that results in more sales.

This choice will feel counterintuitive at first, maybe even a little scary…
But it works way better than aggressively pitching your stuff.
It only takes three quick sentences that fire a specific response in your customer’s emotional brain…
And could help you make three times more sales.

I reveal details about this choice, and the three lines to make it work on page 135.
  •  Sure, urgency works wonders… but only if you remember these FOUR steps FIRST!
I like to think of urgency as “hot sauce.”
A little bit here and there goes a long way.

But many rookie marketers go WAY overboard with urgency…
Because they don’t understand how to communicate with the emotional brain!
There are four critical emotions you must satisfy, or your urgency won’t work at all!
If you do these four things right, you don’t really even need urgency to make sales…

(Even though some urgency usually helps).

This secret is revealed on page 12.
These are just a couple more secrets you’ll find inside Take Their Money.
Anybody can use these secrets to speak directly to their customer’s emotional brain…

And bring in more customers, more sales, and more money.

They Don’t Teach You How To Speak
To The Emotional Brain In School
I haven’t seen anyone else explain how to speak this secret sales language before.
But while working at one of the largest financial publishers in the world, I discovered how to do just that.

And it helped me generate over $7.1 million in sales… in just a single year.

My name, by the way, is Kyle Milligan.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been writing high-performing direct response sales letters alongside some of the best marketers alive.
The company I work with is one of the most successful publishing businesses in the world, with more readers than The Washington Post. 

I’m one of the few privileged copywriters at this organization with the professional freedoms I enjoy.

I work totally remote…

Writing anywhere I want, whenever I want, for whatever project I want.

And I’m often sought out to work on projects with this company's most famous partners!

Like Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

The #1 personal finance book in the WORLD…
And Silicon Valley insider and entrepreneur James Altucher, best-selling author of entrepreneurial book, Choose Yourself
James even joined me on my YouTube channel while I was still promoting Take Their Money’s launch!
I’ve also worked with other incredible best-selling authors like Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars
And Mike Burnick, best-selling author of The Little Black Book of Income Secrets

So I hope now you can see: I’m not a “here today, gone tomorrow” online marketer.
I’m a professional who takes my reputation, and my craft, very seriously!
It Took A Lot Of Dedication To
Discover This Secret Language
I wasn’t always a successful copywriter...
As a matter of fact, I struggled to make sales online for TWO YEARS.

I wrote countless blog posts…

I tried building a social media following…

I asked for help in every Facebook group and Reddit community…

And none of the advice worked!

Eventually I became homeless.

Even with friends and family helping me out…

I ran through my entire 401(k) savings and maxed-out all my credit cards.

My dream was shattered. I almost gave up.

Then I joined my current company and gained access to some of the best marketers in the world.

And I knew I could still figure this out.

I spent several months in grueling study…

Asking questions, reading thousands of pages of ad copy…

And over time the secret language slowly “appeared.”
It’s Like Seeing The Matrix
Peculiar patterns emerged. 

Then they leapt out at me everywhere I turned.

Everything just “made sense.”
THIS was secret to making sales…
A language that speaks directly to the emotional brain!
I decided to put what I discovered to the test.
And the result was clear: $7.1 million in a single year.
It was only two years ago that I had nothing…
And I’ll never forget how horrible and embarrassing it was to struggle so helplessly.
I don’t want anyone else to struggle the way I did.

So I’ve created a way for anyone to unlock this secret language…

And trigger the decision-making center of their customer’s brain.

The emotional brain.

And you don’t need a big social media following…

You don’t need a blog or a YouTube channel…

I didn’t use any of that stuff to bring in over $7.1 million.
Before Now, Nobody In The World
Had A Shot At The Knowledge I’m
Offering Today…
And that’s all about to change.
Because I’m pulling back the curtains on the secret sales language I’ve unlocked…

Inside my brand-new book, Take Their Money.

You could use this secret language in your business to profit from…
  •  The Dr. Dozer Effect: The SIMPLEST one-step trick to grab new customers in ANY market!
Now you can activate a specific area of your customer’s brain that “magically” captures their STRICT attention.
You must know exactly how to trigger it, or it will not work at all.

The study that revealed this “attention hack” in 2006, also proved that the Dr. Dozer Effect is an “all or nothing” reaction.
Luckily, it’s so easy to do! 
Using this hack is non-negotiable if you want tons of new sales and clients!
You’ll find details all about the Dr. Dozer Effect starting on page 14 of my brand-new book: Take Their Money.
  •  Save Your Customers From… Their Selves?
Science shows: there are faulty “emotional misfires” hardwired into your customers’ brains.
Even if you have the perfect solution…

These “misfires” can send folks who SHOULD be your customers…

Running in the totally wrong direction – AWAY from your help!
Want more sales? Simply reverse the trigger for “emotional misfires” to your favor!
In 2007, a study by a Stanford University psychology professor uncovered…
There is ONE hidden trigger at the root of every single one of these psychological “misfires.”

Simply reverse this hidden trigger to work in your favor…

And customers will be stampeding to get their hands on your products!

Turn to page 23 inside my brand-new book, Take Their Money, to see exactly how to turn the tables on “emotional misfires…”
  •  The #1 reason most “gurus” fail you…
If you’ve spent tons of money on courses, coaching, and other products from “gurus”…
Only to see your sales not budge an inch, don’t worry…

It’s not your fault.

Right out of the gate, on page 3, I’ll explain exactly why most gurus fail to help you move the needle in your business…
It’s the one simple idea the “gurus” OVERLOOK when teaching how to get more sales…
And I'll also present a brand-new and powerful methodology for getting incredible results FAST.
This is the same methodology I developed working beside the top marketers in the world…

And helped me bring in $7.1 million in a single year (See page 3). 
Start Using The Secret Sales Language
To Change Your Life Today!
I hope by now you see just how important it is that you speak DIRECTLY to the decision-making center of your customer’s brain.
Their emotional brain.
While working at my current company, I unlocked a language that communicates directly to that part of the brain…
And it helped me gross $7.1 million in sales in a single year!
They don’t teach you how to speak to the emotional brain in school…
And I haven’t seen it demonstrated by any other “guru” I’ve come across.

The only place you can unlock this secret language is inside my groundbreaking book: Take Their Money.

Simply click the button below to claim your copy now!
You could uncover powerful secrets that could completely transform your marketing, sales, and even your career!
  •  Feeling stuck developing your offer? Just recall these four simple words… Never get writer’s block or freeze up ever again! (Page 13)
  •  The most common mistake that derails the most perfect pitch. Many marketers slip up and make this mistake… even if you did EVERYTHING right, do this one thing the sale is lost… no matter what. (Page 103)
  •  How to establish yourself as THE authority in your field… without using a single case study or testimonial! (Page 86)
  •  4 psychological “amplifiers” that will have customers absolutely drooling over your offer… each of these has specific pairing that is so powerful, even “cold” customers will hang on every word you say. (Page 14)
Don’t Just Take My Word For It – See What Other Folks Are Saying About My Work! 
Kyle Is One Of The BEST

Over the past year and a half I've generated about $10 million in sales as a copywriter. 

There aren't a lot of people in this business that I'd openly admit are "as good" or "better" than me, but Kyle is on that list.

Not only is Kyle the real deal... He is one of the best copywriters in the top business in the biggest, most competitive market in the direct response universe.

Anyone who is even considering a career as a copywriter should listen to every word he says... His advice could make you rich. 

Tyler Reyes
Award-Winning Agora Copywriter
Shed FIVE YEARS Off Your Marketing Learning Curve...

Hi, my name is Ben Ogren — I'm a copywriter at Agora Financial.

Over the past 12 months, my copy has produced nearly $10 million in sales.

And I can say -- with 100% conviction -- that this wouldn't be possible without the secrets you'll discover inside Kyle's newest book, Take Their Money.

If you have any interest in writing copy for yourself or for clients that can make you wildly rich... do yourself a favor and get a copy of Kyle's newest book.

It'll shed 5 years — probably more — off your learning curve.

Ben Ogren
Agora Financial Copywriter
This Should Be Required Reading...

Dude —I wouldn’t be surprised to see your book become a core required reading for copywriting classes / courses / camps.

Up until your book I've always been lost and confused trying to grasp and get a good understanding on how all this stuff fits and flows together...

I've never seen anyone else break down, reveal and explain it - the framework / skeleton structure / elements of a sales letter like this and it’s so eye-opening and helpful.

And you do it so simply. So cool.

David McCleary
Internet Marketer
I Literally GUARANTEE You’ll LOVE 
 Take Their Money… ​Or Your Money Back
If you don’t think Take Their Money was worth every penny of YOUR hard-earned cash…
Then I don’t deserve your money. 

Simply email the address on your receipt and I’ll return your money and you can keep the book.

That’s how confident I am this book will help you get more customers, more sales, and more money.
Who Take Their Money Is NOT For…
The secret language you’ll discover inside Take Their Money is extremely powerful.
It allows you to tap directly into the decision-making center of your customers’ brain…

Their emotional brain.
As a result, you’ll have incredible influence over them.
So I would regret it if I didn’t clearly state:
This book is NOT for scammers.

This book was written to help good marketers and business-owners sell more of their helpful products.

I do NOT endorse using these secrets for any purpose other than to better the world.

With that being said…
There’s Only One Thing Left To Do…
You have two choices now.
You can click away from this page and go back to life as you’ve always known it.

Keep doing what you’ve always done…

And keep getting what you’ve always got.

While other folks use this secret language to get more customers, more sales, and more money.

Or you can click the button below to grab your copy of my groundbreaking book: Take Their Money

And discover the secret language that speaks directly to the decision-making center of your customers’ brain…
The secret language that gets RESULTS...
And helped me gross over $7.1 million in sales in just a single year.
That choice is yours and yours alone.
If you decide you want to unlock this secret language yourself…

All that’s left to do is click the button below and you can get started in the next five minutes.

Thanks so much for reading my letter.

I’m grateful for your attention and look forward to having you as a reader.

Talk soon,
Kyle Milligan
P.S. The results are clear…
The secret language I share inside Take Their Money could allow you to tap directly into the decision-making center of your customers’ brain…

Their emotional brain.

I’ve personally used this language to gross over $7.1 million in sales in a single year.

This approach is backed by science and proven by an award-winning neuroscientist as crucial to customers’ buying decisions.

Once you unlock this secret language, a brand-new world of potential will open up to you.

They don’t teach you how to speak this language in any school…

And I’ve never seen another “guru” out there talk about it.

The only place you can discover this language is inside my groundbreaking book: Take Their Money.

I’ve received countless testimonials and reviews that Take Their Money has been a total game changer for marketers and business owners.

One even calling it, “mind breaking.”

I have no doubts that it will do wonders for your business, and life, too.

If you truly want more customers, more sales, and more money, click the button below.
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